How To Style A Polo Shirt In 2020, According To Fashion’s Top Innovators

Polo Shirt Style in 2020

Fashion trends, whether or not externally acknowledged or not, are intimately tied to cultural yearning. Barrettes, shoulder pads, cowboy boots, prairie dresses — they yank on the emotions that evoke memories of past outfits (and maybe a comical fashion faux-pas or two). This chameleon trend first started as the uniform of choice for polo players in India during the 19th century and grew in popularity during the 1930s with Jean René Lacoste’s iteration featuring the now-iconic green crocodile. Fast forward a bit, and you’ll find that in 2020, how to style a polo shirt and what the trend even represents has come a long way from the early days.

Thanks to brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, the highest became essential for everybody from country clubbers to hip hop stars.

Polo Shirt

During the 2015 documentary Fresh Dressed, interviewees discuss two New York gangs of the ’80s who routinely shoplifted the Polo Ralph Lauren stores. According to Complex, they saw the brand — as well as the ability to wear it head-to-toe — as a status symbol. The film lends context to how this influential subculture adopted the tennis staple and transformed it into something with a wider cultural caché. It’s a reminder that the trend is one with a complex cultural history, and that its popularity has societal implications that stretch beyond the actual design itself. (After all, it’s just a shirt with a collar and some buttons.)

The latest resurgence of the classic polo shirt can be traced back to last spring. For 2020, there’s surprising range from brands you might not expect (Tibi, Miu Miu, Sonia Rykiel) as well as traditional classic designers that have reimagined their take on the classic piece (Tory Burch and Burberry, for example). British influencer Brittany Bathgate, whose style marries classic and contemporary, is onboard with polo shirts for spring. “I think with the ‘dad’ trend still going strong, the polo shirt was inevitably going to come back around, and I’m totally here for it,” Bathgate tells TZR. “I’ve always loved a preppy look, for spring I’ll pair my knitted version with some loose fit jeans and delicate ballet flats.”

Polo Shirt

Ahead, a handful of outfit ideas incorporating the polo shirt and the season’s best offerings to help you test drive the trend starting now.

Brittany Bathgate’s clean, minimalist take on the polo shirt is a perfect outfit to keep in your back pocket for when you need a polished look in a rush.

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